In food is easiest seven nutritions which drains

The modern people are fastidious more and more eat the health, many people start to reject Gao Tang, high salty or the high fat content thing, but the American Nutrition Association believed that is fastidious about the diet health instead possibly to cause the nutrition excessively to take in not balanced.
The recommendation reads: Let the woman young 10 year-old 15 kind of good food 7 kind of fruit weapons anti-fade the Run skin to have the effect
  According to the newest issue "American Meals Guide", most people to seven kind of very important nutrient ingestion insufficiency, they are the calcium, the potassium, the textile fiber, the magnesium, Vitamin A, C and E.
  Or, even if you have eaten, these nutritions also with difficulty detain in vivo. The American Nutrition Association suggested that was inferior attempts changes own food habit, can achieve the twice the result with half the effort effect.
  Calcium: Speaking of the calcium, we thought immediately the calcium is beneficial in the skeleton and the tooth growth. Actually, the calcium function continues far these, it can also help the maintenance heart rhythm, the maintenance muscle function. How much calcium does that need to be only then enough? The US “network medicine doctor” the website believed that the disparity in age social stratum's person differs from to the calcium demand. 50 year old and the following adult needs every day the calcium quantity probably is 800 milligrams, but 50 year-old above person needs 1000 milligrams. But, regarding these osteoporosis sickness the high-risk group, the calcium daily amount of radiation should enhance easily to 1200 milligrams.
  Which foods then supplements the calcium from? We knew that nurses the product is the simple the method. Moreover, in each kind of enriched food also rich calcareous, for instance cereal food, orange juice and fermented bean curd, may also eat some degreasing primary taste yogurt, the defatted milk, the cheese, the chum salmon, to boil the spinach.
  Potassium: The potassium can maintain the human body blood pressure to be normal, is also playing the crucial role at the maintenance nerve and the muscle function aspect. Generally speaking, an adult should guarantee that every day absorbs 4700 milligrams potassium. The banana which knew besides us can make up the potassium, the American Nutrition Association thought that in the following several kind of foods is similarly rich contains the potassium: Roasts the sweet potato, the ketchup, the degreasing primary taste yogurt, the tuna

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